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A gift from the nuns of Carmen Bajo

28/Diciembre/2011 | 09:32

By LANCE BRASHEAR Once again a cloistered religious order in Quito is opening its doors to the public for the first time ever as part of a baroque art exhibit. In July the nuns of the Santa Clara Convent hosted a baroque art exhibit and now the   [...]

Christmas Desserts

28/Diciembre/2011 | 09:19

By LANCE BRASHEAR With Christmas season upon us perhaps you have already tried the traditional desserts served during the holidays.  The sweets on this page can be enjoyed throughout the year but are fancied even more during the holidays.  There a   [...]

Pase del Niño parade

28/Diciembre/2011 | 08:59

By DAVID MORRILL To tourists and foreign residents, Cuenca's Christmas Eve “Pase del Niño” parade, or Passing of the Child, is a colorful, often bizarre, mixture of the sacred and the profane. To locals, it is a time-honored Christian festival of   [...]