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A Visit to Two Great Museums in Cuenca

07/Junio/2012 | 10:45

Cuenca's Museo de las Culturas Aborigenes, or Museum of Aboriginal Culture, is not your typical roadside attraction. Despite the fact that it's relatively small and privately owned, many consider it one of Ecuador's best archeology museums.   [...]

Napo Wildlife Center and the Kichwa Yasuní Ecolodge

22/Mayo/2012 | 16:03

Nestled in northwestern Amazonia— baffling for its extreme nature— Yasuní is the Land of Creation par excellence. Out of one hundred consecutive trees found in any given plot of lush tropical rainforest, almost every single individual will be a different species.   [...]

Locro, the heart of Andean soup traditions

20/Abril/2012 | 09:32

It initially sounded like an exaggeration. When visiting Ecuador two years ago internationally renowned Chef Sumito Estevez from Venezuela made the following comment: “The most extensive and complete menu of soups on the continent are found in Ecuador, perhaps [even] the world.”   [...]

Mignon's Locro, the locro that almost never was…

20/Abril/2012 | 09:26

Those who know the story of the conquest and founding of Quito – at least the popular version – know that the Incan general who resisted the Spanish Conquerors reportedly hid a vast treasure that was never discovered.   [...]

Restaurants in Cuenca – A Resource List

20/Abril/2012 | 09:21

The famous pastime in Cuenca, or Ecuador, or anywhere really, is eating. So, let´s cut to the chase and offer you some great options for dining in Cuenca.   [...]

The Art Corner, Where the creative process is always on display

20/Abril/2012 | 09:06

Along the emblematic view of the Tomebamba River Bank – a place where identity and history meet – sits a remodeled house from the 1950s and a special place where some of the most distinguished artists, designers, and artisans meet to demonstrate their creative processes.   [...]

Holy Week in Quito

02/Abril/2012 | 11:05

For the Roman Catholic Community in Quito Holy Week is undoubtedly the most important event commemorating Christian faith and it competes with the largest public gatherings during the year, possibly outdoing the Independence and "Fiestas de Quito" celebrations.   [...]

FANESCA: In search of the best

FANESCA: In search of the best

02/Abril/2012 | 10:59

Though they surveyed about 5,000 establishments in Quito looking for the best fanesca – Ecuador's traditional Easter dish – researchers from the University of the Americas (UDLA) along with the Quito Tourism office, ultimately admit that the greatest fanesca is generally not for sale. It is grandma's recipe.   [...]

The Churches & Convents of Quito

The Churches & Convents of Quito

02/Abril/2012 | 10:52

The central historical district of Quito will be the scene of the city's largest, public religious celebration during the upcoming Holy week (April 1-8th). The events, whether musical, gastronomical, or artistic, will occur in a city that, throughout its history, has been a fundamentally religious one.   [...]

VILCABAMBA: A land of legend and simple pleasures

VILCABAMBA: A land of legend and simple pleasures

02/Abril/2012 | 10:38

Tucked away in the deep south of the Ecuadorian Andes, Vilcabamba is a place steeped in legend.   [...]

The Last Supper of the Andes

The Last Supper of the Andes

23/Marzo/2012 | 15:25

Do you know what was served at the Last Supper? The answer is not exactly straight forward.   [...]

Casa 1028 Mobile Bar: A legend on wheels offers drinks on the go

Casa 1028 Mobile Bar: A legend on wheels offers drinks on the go

23/Marzo/2012 | 15:19

Evoking the history and mysticism of Quito's historical center, a new vehicle is now making inroads into those old streets of El Centro – one that serves cocktails.   [...]