Where to make waves:A guide to Ecuador's Beaches

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You have a few days off and want to hit the beach but are not quite sure where to go.  Today we take a drive down the coast from Esmeraldas to Guayaquil and offer some suggestions


Esmeraldas to Manabi

We begin in the north of Ecuador where the beaches start near the city of Esmeraldas and move south. 

Tonsupa is quickly becoming a spot for high rise condos and is a popular destination for families.

Neighboring Atacames is one of the region's party beaches – fun for some, but not recommended if you want only to hear the ocean surf.  Further south is Súa and Same, home to the exclusive, Casa Blanca resort and community.  Try Puerto Ballesta among the many other reasonable options.

From here the two-lane coastal highway, E-15, turns inland and the next stop is Mompiche – a fishing village awakening to the attention of more and more tourists.  Mompiche is home to great surfing and the Royal Decameron Mompiche Beach Resort – a village unto itself - is a 2,000 room hotel and spa.

Pedernales is the next party town on the map but if you need a calmer, more rustic getaway, visit the Coco Solo Hotel in Cojimes or travel on to Jama to the Hotel Punta Blanca, a tent camp perched over the pristine Punta Blanca Beach.  Another option is the Samvara Eco Lodge.  Neither are luxury resorts, but offer great escapes.






A little further down the coast the towns of Canoa and San Vicente offer quiet, sunny spots to enjoy the sand and other activities like sailing, parasailing, or fishing.


Upon arriving at Bahía de Caraquez consider an ocean-front stay at La Piedra Hotel or for a break from the beach, visit the coast's most unique getaway, Casa Ceibo.  Sitting inside the estuary of the Chone River it is now one of the most luxurious stays along the  coast.

South of Bahía is another sleepy, fishing village poised to become one of the coast's premier, exclusive resorts, but it remains very accessible for just about anyone.  The Palmazul Artisan Designed Hotel and Spa in San Clemente sits on the beach, just across from the Vistazul Apartment and Condo development – a high-end real estate project attracting foreign residents.




Travelers approaching Manta will find themselves in kite-surfing territory.   Murcielago Beach, centrally located near the boardwalk and a variety of restaurants, is home to constant breezes which make the activity popular.  Balandra Hotel is 100 meters away and a few blocks from downtown Manta.  And just 20 minutes further, Santa Marianita Beach, known as "playa bonita," is home to more kite surfing and an idyllic beachside hosteria, Kite Casa.



Manabi to Guayaquil

Leaving Manabi the Machalilla National Park is a launch pad for the summer's most interesting ocean activity – whale watching.   From here, you can stay awhile, exploring the park, of which Isla de la Plata (Silver Island) is a part.   The park is home to one of the most famous beaches, Los Frailes Beach, but also the black sand cove of Playita Negra and the aqua-marine colored waters of Playa La Tortuguita.

Nearby hotels include the Alandaluz Hosteria  and  La Meson del Quijote, both of which offer an original stay.  Also consider Mantaraya Lodge.




Heading further south are more, small, enchanting towns and beaches like Ayambe, Olón, and Montañita.  Home to only a few thousand permanent residents, these towns are great destinations for more surfing, snorkelling, and swimming.


Passing Montañita, the coast begins to curve and jut out into the ocean, forming the Santa Elena Peninsula.  Salinas, a city of more than 40,000 residents is traditionally a popular beach resort for the masses.  

Between Santa Elena and Guayaquil, more beaches can be discovered, including inside the Gulf of Guayaquil on the Island of Puná.  Great for a day tour, the services and installations are basic, but the getaway is captivating.  More information is available at the Malecon 2000.


Ciudad San Clemente

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