The Culinary World of the Marriott Hotel

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The Culinary World of the Marriott Hotel

Quito loves sushi.  Since its introduction into the gastronomic scene not long ago, the city has seen an explosion in sushi offerings.  At times, sushi seems so common that people do not always notice every place that offers it. 

 One particular restaurant came onto the scene very quietly eleven years ago and to this day continues to offer the most traditional sushi and rolls alongside a few signature creations: The Exchange Bar, located inside the Marriott Hotel.

Many people do come for wings and beer and the two for one martinis on Thursdays with live music.  But The Exhange Bar is also an informal sushi bar, one of the best kept sushi secrets in Quito, though that has slowly begun to change. 

Gabriela Cordero, marketing manager for the Marriott, says, “We want the public to know about our sushi that we have here in the hotel…our sushi is spectacular and very few people know about it.”

The Exchange Bar has traditional California and Philadelphia rolls (traditional adaptations of Japanese cuisine, from the United States).  Alongside these classic preparations are some signature rolls created by the Marriott chefs.

The Ecuadorian Tempura Roll, filled with prawns, crab, and avocado – three of Ecuador’s star culinary products – is fried using the Japanese tempura technique.  The Quito Roll is made of eel, prawns, and cream cheese.  Eel is a popular ingredient not only for their signature rolls, but for a special sauce also available at The Exchange Bar. 

Chef Vinicio Maila explains that their eel sauce is made from the cartilage of the eel, combined with celery, onion, and carrot, with a little butter.  Once the mixture is crystalized, sugar and soy sauce are added.  They let it sit for 45 minutes before serving.  The flavor is just as amazing and unexpected as the sushi bar itself.

The Marriott, like any international hotel, is a small world unto itself with a lot of discoveries to be made, culinary and otherwise, including two gastronomic traditions that many clients frequent regularly.

The Hacienda

The Hacienda, as its name suggests, is a steakhouse with impressive cuts of meat.  All are imported from Argentina and served with a gourmet presentation.   Each Wednesday the Hacienda offers a special wine pairing with your meal. 

“We have an enologist (wine expert) who visits every table and recommends a complementary wine that goes best with the cut of meat you have selected,” explains Cordero.    The enologist has more than 125 different labels to choose from in Marriott’s enormous wine cellar (stocked with more than 800 bottles).  Meals at The Hacienda average $49 plus taxes. Open 12-11 p.m. daily.

Don Porforio

If you are after a different flavor – a Latin American tradition -  then the Marriott offers one of the city’s greatest Mexican Restaurants.   If you doubt that claim, take it up with Marriott’s, Mexican, Executive Chef, Bruno Hernandez.   At Don Porfirio he offers authentic Mexican cuisine for lunch and dinner.  Every Thursday, those who order pozole receive a free Margarita.  Meals average $25-30, plus taxes. Open 12-11 p.m. daily.

Bistro Latino & Café Gourmet

For breakfast or lunch with every day dishes, try the international buffet at Bistro Latino and for something small or that afternoon coffee, the Café Gourmet offers pastries, sandwiches, and a great local coffee brew.  Breakfast buffet at Bistro Latino is $18, lunch $21 plus taxes.


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