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Tribute to the turkey

29/Diciembre/2011 | 16:00

[email protected] With Thanksgiving and Christmas past and New Year upon us there is one food dish whose popularity will quickly wane until the Fall of the coming year.  Though you could eat turkey anytime, it seems dearest to the celebrat   [...]

Five Star Luxury in Ecuador

19/Mayo/2011 | 13:37

By LANCE BRASHEAR Ecuador, with its geographic richness and exotic appeal, is an exclusive destination for many travelers who demand exclusive accommodations, of which, there seems to be no shortage these days.  Just in the past few years l   [...]

A dozen great things to do in Guayaquil

11/Abril/2011 | 13:56

By LANCE BRASHEAR Guayaquil is Ecuador's largest city.  Carved by the rivers and estuaries, which find their outlet to the sea in this warm and humid expanse of urbanity,  Guayaquil offers visitors a blend of nature, history, and tradition.  To   [...]

Visitor's Guide to Guayaquil

07/Enero/2011 | 14:15

[email protected] Guayaquil is modern city full of activity for both visitors and residents.  Parks, plazas, museums, historical districts, and boardwalks create a chain of attractions and activities in Ecuador’s largest city Visitors will fi   [...]