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Ice Cream in Cuenca: There is no shortage of choices

21/Noviembre/2011 | 15:43

By DEKE CASTLEMAN In 1897, 16-year-old Rosalía Suarez carried ice from Mt. Imbabura to her home in Ibarra in northern Ecuador. In a large copper pail, she mixed tropical fruit juices with the ice, inventing "helados de paila," or copper-pail sherb   [...]

La Gloria, enhancing the menu with local touches

10/Noviembre/2011 | 18:53

By LANCE BRASHEAR  There is a new plate now recommended at La Gloria Restaurant in Quito.  When clients hear about it or see it on the menu, the reactions range from genuine delight to skepticism.   For those who find the item disagreeable, owner   [...]