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Piedra de Agua:Finding health from within the earth

03/Diciembre/2012 | 15:41

It takes an engineer to effectively unite mud, water, rock, wood and glass in a way that is attractive to others.   [...]

The guitar makers of San Bartolomé: Building a musical tradition in the high Andes

03/Diciembre/2012 | 15:39

No one knows exactly when the guitar-making tradition began in San Bartolomé, a picturesque village 20 miles east of Cuenca.   [...]

Discovery & Health: Medical Tourism in Cuenca

23/Noviembre/2012 | 14:54

Every week this newspaper shows you many reasons for coming to Ecuador, not the least of which are: Galapagos, Andes Mountains, Amazon Jungle, food, adventure, history, culture, even retirement.   [...]

Cuenca Food Fair Supports Cancer Foundation

09/Noviembre/2012 | 16:40

Save your appetite for noon on Sunday afternoon, November 11.   [...]

Piedra de Agua: Visionaries in health tourism

29/Octubre/2012 | 13:26

Water is a very powerful force. In large quantities it can alter geographic landscapes and move with destructive energy. And in small doses, over time, it can permanently change everything from stone to flesh.   [...]

Homero Ortega and the story of the Panama Hat

11/Octubre/2012 | 19:04

It is the misnomer of the hemisphere - a product whose origin, material, and continued production in one country have been attributed to an entirely different place for more than 150 years.   [...]

An Eye Witness Report: Does guinea pig really taste like chicken?

24/Septiembre/2012 | 20:07

“It tastes like chicken” is such a common expression that it has almost become a self-fulfilling prophesy: Any uncommon meat is now compared to the bland standard of this particular poultry.   [...]

CUENCA DIGEST: News for Cuencan Residents

14/Septiembre/2012 | 14:51

Reporting that the process took about two months from start to finish, William Chester became the first North American to receive his residency visa at the new Cuenca immigration office, on Aug. 21. Several others followed, according to the office.   [...]

Return to El Centro: Changes attract residents to Cuenca’s historic district

07/Septiembre/2012 | 16:44

Juan Heredia realized he had a problem in 1998, when he was living in a suburban area 10 miles southwest of Cuenca’s historic district.   [...]

Cuenca: Home away from home

17/Agosto/2012 | 15:54

Although it’s been called the “Gringo invasion” in newspaper, magazine and website articles, Cuenca´s influx of English-speaking foreign residents hardly represents the action of conquering hordes. There is, however, no denying the city´s growing popularity among foreigners looking for a new home.   [...]

CUENCA DIGEST: Things you should know if you live in Cuenca

08/Agosto/2012 | 16:39

Most people have probably heard it by now, but if not, drivers should know that violating the speed limit could put you in jail.   [...]

A Beginner´s Guide to Cuencan History

08/Agosto/2012 | 16:27

Though the four rivers of Cuenca are what impressed the Spanish settlers in the 16th century when they formally named the city, “Santa Ana de los Cuatros Rios de Cuenca,” the indigenous Cañari tribe identified it in a different way: “Plain Wide as the Sky.”   [...]